HI-POINT® Gun Cleaning Kit


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Everything you need to keep your favorite Hi-Point® clean and in mint condition is here with our new bullet-shaped Gun Cleaning Kit. Perfect for in the shop, camping with the buddies, or that mountain hunting trip. Easy to pack and light to load. And the best part? You’ll absolutely love the case…so much so that we won’t be surprised at all if you start displaying them on every shelf in the house…or, at least the Man-Cave!

Includes the following:

10 brass wire brushes (for cleaning 12 Ga, 20 Ga and .410 bore shotguns; and .45, .40, .357/.38/.9mm, .30, .270, .22, and .17 caliber firearms), 5 cleaning mops, 2 solid brass adaptors, 2 slotted patch holders, 25 cleaning patches, double-ended nylon brush, double-ended cleaning pick, bottle for gun oil, and 3 solid brass rods.

And, it all fits nicely into the bullet-shaped storage case!

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