Randen Arms Service Inc.

I wanted to take a moment and let Hi-Point® know my appreciation for my new .380 Carbine. I am the owner and gunsmith of Randen Arms Service Corp Inc in Madison, NC. We are the only firearm repair facility in this area. I have seen several Hi-Point® handguns over the years in our shop for disassembly and cleaning only—but never for repair.

The customers who I speak of shoot their Hi-Point®’s for 1000’s of rounds before I clean them. I have never heard of anyone who had a Hi-Point® that had feed issues or any catastrophic failures. I have always heard that Hi-Point®’s customer service and warranty cannot be beat in the firearms industry. After many years in the business, I can honestly say that statement isn’t true for more highly-priced firearms.

With that said, I recently was given 25,000+ pieces of .380 auto brass for free from a local bullet manufacturer. The first thing I thought was, “what in the world do I shoot all this out of ?” I own many .380 auto handguns but none of them are fun to shoot more than a few magazines at a time. I started searching my distributors for .380 auto firearms that could gobble up that much ammo and be fun to shoot with.

I quickly focused in on the Hi-Point® .380 carbine, as it’s the only firearm that I know of that fit my criteria. I ordered the carbine kit from MGE Wholesale. This is the first Hi-Point® I’ve ever purchased. When it arrived, I inspected the firearm closely and found it was nicely finished and well built. After cleaning the barrel thoroughly, I took it straight to our on-site pistol range. My first magazine at 30 yards with factory ammo, without any sight adjustment, resulted in a 1″ group of 10 shots. PHENOMENAL!!!! After that, we used it to shoot steel gongs all day. We ran 1000+ rounds through it over the course of several hours. NOT ONE SINGLE FTF!!!!


That included four different factory loads and re-loads from my own shop.

We don’t sell many firearms annually but now I am a true believer. I will be pushing the Hi-Point® Firearms line from now on.

Good job, Hi-Point®!

Randy Rabinowitch

Owner and Gunsmith

Randen Arms Service Inc