Hi-Point® Firearms: Celebrating 30 Years as an Industry Disruptor

The last thirty years have been one hell of a ride. When we started, we had no idea how far and how fast the Hi-Point® reputation would grow. We have fans all over the world now, fans who love us because we turned things upside down in the gun business.

What made us so different then, and keeps us so different now, is that we are a small town, honest, hardworking Midwestern folks. We don’t pretend to be something we are not, because we really like who we are: makers of great guns that everyone can afford.

We’ve heard a lot of bull over the last thirty years, and our response remains the same: Bring. It. On. As Gun Noob said in his blog from Pew Pew Tactical, “When your life is on the line, it won’t matter how your gun looks, but how it works.” And frankly, we agree.

There is a reason that nearly every person who has ever set out to disprove the quality or poke fun at a Hi-Point gun has failed. Because guess what? The kind of quality and reliability found in our firearms doesn’t come from doing any part of the process half-assed. It happens as a direct result of a lot of planning, and careful design and assembly processes—right here in America.

True, there has been a lot of blood, tears, and beads of sweat over the years. But the commitment remains the same: to every person, man or woman, who has ever wanted a great, reliable, consistent gun that won’t cost them an arm and a leg to own…we’ve got what you are looking for. And that’s been something we could get behind since day one.

Won’t you celebrate with us?! We’d love to hear your favorite Hi-Point story in the comments below!