Hi-Point® Firearms Announces ‘New Look for Brand’

This year, Hi-Point® has a lot of reasons to celebrate.

As makers of great guns that everyone can afford, we already think we have the coolest job around.

But now, Hi-Point® Firearms has another reason to celebrate: We are celebrating our 30-year anniversary!!!


The last 30 years have been very good to us. Time has proven that with age comes experience, and with experience comes improvement. Basically, the older we get, the better we get.

This year we wanted to do something really big to mark such a special time in the history of Hi-Point.

That’s why this year, you’ll be seeing an all-new look to the Hi-Point Firearms brand.


Why a new look, you ask???

We’ve evolved. We’ve grown. We’ve gotten better with age.


Don’t worry! We are still the same down to earth people who built your guns 30 years ago. But it’s time we embrace the solid reputation we’ve worked so hard for all these years, and properly commemorate that hard-earned reputation with a look of equal caliber. We believe our new look highlights the sheer craftsmanship that has been poured into every firearm we’ve ever built.

It’s simple. It’s strong. It’s a statement.


So, without further ado, welcome to our BRAND-NEW LOOK!

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Hi-Point Firearms. Same Quality. New Look.