Tacticon™ Falcon V3 3-9x32mm Rifle Scope with QD Mounts


Model 1095 (10mm Auto)Model 3895 (380 ACP)Model 4095 (40 S&W)Model 4595 (45 ACP)Model 995 (9mm)


The Falcon V3 is a 3-9x32mm scope built around platforms to provide long range capability on a carbine rifle. 3X being minimum magnification, 9X being maximum magnification, and 32mm being the objective lens diameter.Incredibly fast target acquisition and adjustable from 3X up to 9X magnification. Incredibly easy to sight-in. Fully adjustable windage and elevation turrets. MIL-DOT RETICLE WITH 4 COLOR OPTIONS (Black, Red, Green, & Blue). Whether you are shooting at dawn, dusk, night, or the middle of the day we engineered this to allow for 4 different color options This 3-9x32mm magnified rifle scope provides a generous 3 to 3.5 inches of eye relief minimizing shadowing in the lens that you’ll find in other optics.

The second focal plane (SFP) mil-dot reticle has 3 different illuminated colors to switch between depending on which color your eyes pick up better (red, green, or blue). Reticle can be switched to default black color if preferred by turning off illumination. For dusk/dawn, midday, and night shooting there are 3 different brightness settings to choose from as well.

We have even provided a leveling kit with video instructions to ensure you get the perfect mount on your rifle.



Not sure if you currently have picatinny rails on your carbine? The new picatinny rails have the Hi-Point® logo molded in the rail.

Need picatinny rails? https://hi-pointfirearms.net/product/picatinny-rail-kit/


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All repair and warranty issues are done by Tacticon.

Please contact Tacticon with all issues with the product.

916-538-6205 or email at Support@tacticon.com



Weight: 5.0 oz.

Length: 2.5”

Width: 1.5”

Height: 2.25




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