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Heard they are relianle.

- 04/17/2018

I just placed an order for Product ID RB-995A-002
Mag Holder w/ 2 Redball 20 Round Magazines, and am wondering if the longer Red Ball mags actually fit in the holder. Is that why they are made at that angle,... so that they not only fit but look good on the carbine as well? I'll have my new 995TS-DD in about two weeks. Guess I'll find out then...LOL! This will be my 4th Hi-Point firearm purchase. I currently own a pair of pistols and an OD carbine, all three in .45ACP. They are reliable, and affordable. What more can you ask for? (Perhaps a Red Ball 20-round mag for the .45 carbine?!?)


- 11/16/2017

Have 3, they work great.

RedBall Sports 20-Round 9mm Magazine

- 11/14/2017

I purchased one of these from this web site just after purchasing my new Hi-Point 995ts (good thing I did). I fired both brass cased 115 grain FMJ RN bullets and 115 Grain Hornady Critical Defense HP bullets through the Redball magazine and it has functioned flawlessly thus far. However, I did have continuous double-feeds with my factory 10-round Hi-Point mag, which I have retuned for fixing/replacement. I really like the RedBall 20-round mag, but it is a little too long when shooting from a bench. So, I am ordering the Pro Pac (?) of two 10-round Hi-Point mags with the buttstock holder. By the way, I was able (from a bench) to adjust the iron sights so well I put 3 bullets virtually on top of each other at 25 yards. I saw a guy on U tube who says (Buffaloes) that if you sight in at 25 yards you will still be right on at 80 yards (before bullet starts to drop). That makes me really happy. Also, I get no cheek slap with the Hi-Point, but I sure get sore shooting my Keltec Sub 2000 Gen 2 in 9mm because of having to lean my cheek over so far just to get a sight picture. But, I like both my Hi-Point and Keltec carbines equally well (for different reasons).

Red Ball Mags ar MOM Apprived!

- 10/30/2017

Yep, I have 6 of these magazines & they are the REAL Deal! I guess after all these years & all those people that WON'T buy a Hi Point until they come out with a Hi Cap mag will just have to buy a 995TS! Now we will await the 40 & 45's??? hint


- 09/12/2017

I have 3 of these mags. After hundreds of rounds I have had zero problems. A great product for a fine rifle.

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