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Hi-Point® Firearms

Hi-Point® Firearms manufactures semi-automatic handguns in several calibers, as well as semi-automatic Carbines. All Hi-Point® Firearms are made in the United States. They are available at a very affordable price. Quality Control is second to none in the firearm accessories industry, every gun is test-fired prior to shipment to ensure proper and safe functioning.


Hi-Point® Firearms has one of the lowest return/repair rates in the firearms accessories industry. The purchase and use of any firearm is a serious matter. All firearms can be dangerous and even lethal if misused or handled in an unsafe manner. Before using or purchasing any firearm, you should be completely familiar with the operation and safety features of the specific firearm; as well as the General Rules of Firearms Safety.

Your Federally-Licensed firearms dealer can explain these to you. You should also be very careful in the storage of any firearm. This is especially important if there may be children present at any time. Firearms should always be stored unloaded and away from the ammunition. In some instances, a trigger lock may provide some added safety.

Hi-Point® Firearms are available at your local Federally-Licensed Firearms dealer. If your local licensed dealer does not have the desired model in stock, he can order it from his distributor. This is a simple process because most dealers usually order from their distributor several times a week, and this process takes only a few days. Be advised that current Federal Law requires the purchaser of any firearm to meet certain standards. You must be 18 years of age to purchase a rifle or carbine, 21 years of age to purchase a handgun. You must not be a convicted felon or mentally incompetent. There are other Federal restrictions; and the individual states and municipalities have their own restrictions also. Your Federally-Licensed firearms dealer can explain all local and state rules and regulations to you at the time of your purchase.